According to the European Commission, the Vienna Region ranks among the most innovative in all of Europe. This ranking explains the prizes won by the Region.

Billions for new technologies: Companies wishing to develop and deploy innovations make use of the programs existing in the Vienna Region to encourage the development and application of innovations in the fields of life sciences, ICT, automotive and renewable energy. 

These programs provide access to the incentives, tax breaks, attractive business sites and expert services available in the Region to start-ups and other companies. Linked into networks and clusters by national and international level research projects, local companies, institutes and institutions comprise a research community for whom diversity and output are two of the factors impelling the Regions's rise to the forefront of European technological innovation.

A successful mix producing a powerful Region: A large number of multinationals have set up R&D operations in the Vienna Region, in which SMEs display an above EU average rate of innovation. The successful mix of global players, young high-techs, and research and educational institutions yields a vital community of innovation, one which effectively networks and transfers technologies. The number of companies developing intelligent technologies and products has climbed by 50 percent over the past few years.

Hot Spots for Innovation: Local synergies arising in the Vienna Region's technology centres and technopoles, which serve as interactive workplaces of the business and scientific communities, act as a driver of global excellence and top performance. The recent boom in high-tech start-ups and firms locating their businesses in the Vienna Region clearly demonstrates the quality of the business environment awaiting newcomers to it!