News from Vienna Region
Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland

  • aws - Create more Business with funding

    aws Förderung © fotollia

    In its role as development bank of the Bund für Wirtschaftsförderungen [federal economic development agencies] the Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (aws) supports companies in financing and promoting their projects by offering low-interest ERP loans, grants, liabilities and guarantees. Furthermore, the aws offers information, expertise, consultancy, support and services. Its services cover every stage from the time prior to a company being established right up to internationalisation projects.

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  • FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency

    Research FFG © Fotolia Irochka

    is the national funding institution for applied research and development in Austria. It offers a comprehensive range of services for Austrian enterprises, research institutions and researchers - from the management of public funding programmes to consulting services in all phases of technology development and innovation, from support for integration into European research programmes and networks to the promotion of Austria"s interests at the European and the international level.

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  • Vienna is Europe's third largest IT hub

    IT © fotolia

    e-shelter erects Vienna's largest data centre at the Wienerberg

    e-shelter, an internationally leading specialist in data centres with headquarters in Frankfurt, is building its eighth data centre in Vienna and thereby its first data centre in Austria. The total investment volume for the project amounts to around 140 million euros, making it the largest new international settlement in the last three decades.

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  • Three K1 centres in Lower Austria approved

    K1 centres conduct top-Level research and focus on scientific and technological developments and innovations with regard to future-oriented markets. The aim of the "K1 centres" programme line is to initiate high-quality research based on a cooperation between science and industry with a medium to long-term perspective.

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  • Green Vienna Region - Trendsetter in green building and bioenergy.

    Windpark Green Vienna Region © Austrian Wind Power

    The Environmental Performance Index 2010, Yale University, confirms it: Austria is one of the top 3 countries in the EU when it comes to environmental protection, renewable energies and reducing CO2 emissions. The Vienna Region makes a huge contribution to this status: its green companies with excellent expertise in energy-efficient building ad renovating, photovoltaics and biomass and biogas technology all score highly. 06/2012

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  • Vienna ranks top among Smart Cities

    Stephansdom © vienna region

    The first global comparison of cities in terms of innovation, technology and sustainability ranks Vienna as number 1 of so-called Smart Cities, ahead of Toronto, Paris and New York. The ranking, which was conducted by the US climate strategist Boyd Cohen and has been recently published by the online magazine Co. Exist, was based on acknowledged criteria and analysed all studies existing in this field.

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  • The Technopol Wiener Neustadt is expanding

    Technopol Wiener Neustadt © vienna region

    The Technology and Research Center Wiener Neustadt TFZ is the heart of the Technopol Wiener Neustadt. Chiefs areas of R&D focus at the three competence centres (for tribology, electrochemistry and microsystems technology) located here are in the area of modern industrial technologies:

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  • Austria’s first energy-plus-standard-building

    technology centre aspern © vienna region

    The aim plus-energy-standard should be reached by the combination of optimised energy efficiency of the building cover, minimum energy application for the house-technical arrangements and the use of energy-producing reneweable energy technologies in the building. 02/2012

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